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What Happens When 100 Years Of Training Experience Meets Cutting Edge Technology?
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The intelligent endurance training system.
Kicker analyzes your individual experience, fitness and goals, and creates the optimal training plan to achieve the results you want.
If you’re serious about endurance racing, why play games with a generic training program?
Leave the “off the shelf” training plans to the weekend warriors. The next best thing to having your own personal trainer, Kicker helps you achieve peak performance by creating an individual training plan that’s as unique as you are.
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  • 1. Tell Kicker About You

    Our carefully selected questions are designed to inform Kicker of your goals – as well as your experience level, strengths, weaknesses, and recent training.

  • 2. Generate Your Custom Training Plan

    Kicker uses your answers to create a training plan designed to prime your body to run, swim or cycle your best race – all optimized around the event dates you choose.

  • 3. Train Smarter

    Kicker gives you all the tools you need to become the best endurance athlete you can be. From key analytics that help you monitor your progress, to detailed training instructions from the pros, you’ll be stronger, faster and more confident come race day.

Kicker’s Simple
3 Step Process
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Kicker Logo
The next best thing to your own personal coach
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  • Detailed Training Program

    Kicker does all the planning for you, giving you a concrete, simple-to-follow plan with zero guesswork.
  • Adapts To Your Race Calendar

    Schedule as many races as you’d like, using any race distance – or plan off-season training.
  • Easy To Use

    Kicker sports a user-friendly, cutting edge interface that’s effective, intuitive and fun.

What makes Kicker so unique?

Training Plan Structure Creates a structured training program that correctly prepares you for your race events. Not just a short series of independent workouts.
Training Plan Selection Simple planning with nothing to figure out. Kicker creates your custom training plan for you. No sorting through hundreds of generic training plans that aren’t unique to you or your experience.
Training Plan Length Training plan perfectly geared to the number of weeks you have available for training before your event. No preset training templates that are impossible to adjust or modify to your schedule and goals.
Training Experience Training plan based on your experience, fitness level, and unique strengths and weaknesses. No having to use a training plan that isn’t tailored to your fitness level.